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Using archive photographs, table linens, and antimacassars, Becky embellishes discarded objects with embroidery thread to give them new life.


The Listening is a series of three audio stories, created using oral history interviews. These stories of resilience, compassion, childhood, and community give a glimpse into the past. The themes which they explore resonate with contemporary life.

Created in collaboration with Scott Smith and Ju Row Farr.

Commissioned by The Keep as part of the British Library project Unlocking Our Sound Heritage.

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2020. Web Series

To Be Continued is a 27 episode web series, based on the stories told in a collection of journals that were found in a pile of rubbish.


Written by a man called Dick Perceval, the journals cover the years 1925–1976. They vividly detail his life in Berlin in the 1920s, his work as a journalist and frustrated author, and the extraordinary events that brought him to work at Bletchley Park in WW2. They record the turbulence of his first marriage and hint at dark secrets. They tell of love, loss, loneliness, ambition and disappointment.


To Be Continued brings this story to life using archive footage. A cast of hundreds is drawn from old Hollywood films, public information broadcasts, cine club creations and home movies to deliver the extraordinary story of the life of an ordinary man.


To Be Continued is made in partnership with Screen Archive South East and is funded by Arts Council England. Made in collaboration with Gerard Bell and Scott Smith.

2017. Film. 12.30 mins 

so heartbroken, so long was made with input from 15 women who all have a connection to Brighton Oasis Project. Through a series of workshops, we explored ways to communicate stories anonymously, through organising objects on tables and putting feelings onto paper. The condition of anonymity means that these women cannot be named, but I am deeply grateful to them all for agreeing to contribute to this experiment.

Commissioned by Brighton Oasis Project. In collaboration with sound designer Scott Smith.

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2015. Film. 24 mins

The Circus Street Market Hall in Brighton was demolished in 2015 and with it disappeared ways of working that sustained several generations of Brighton-based families. In this film, members of these families – grandfathers, fathers, and sons, attempt to describe what the site looked like, sounded like and felt like at the height of its working life. Hawkers Pick Over Fruit Here was made as part of the straybird collaboration with Lucy Cash.

Commissioned by South East Dance and funded by Arts Council England.

2014. Installation and short films

Using found footage and performance to camera, Distant Wars is a multi-screen installation and a series of short films that respond to impossible questions about the presence and proximity of war. Created with Fiona Wright.

Funded by Arts Council England.

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2013. Documentary. 60 mins

In August 2012, twenty dance artists from eleven countries spent ten days at the Findhorn Community Foundation, Scotland, to learn and be coached in the performance of a solo they had each commissioned from renowned choreographer Deborah Hay.  Capturing the process by which Hay transmits the same solo dance to twenty individuals, this film unveils the experiences, insights, and questions that inform the work and artistic practice. The film reveals the discernment, humour, inquiry, and humility of one of the most respected and original dance artists of our time.

Commissioned by Independent Dance,

2009. Film 5.14 mins

A man stands in for movement and meaning. One of a series of short films made in the Arctic Circle, supported by SHOOT Dance for Screen festival, in collaboration with Scott Smith.

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2006. Film 3 mins

A man stands in front of a burning world. One of a series of short films made in Argentina, supported by Videodanza BA and an Arts Council International Fellowship.

2006. Film 5.15 mins

Light, heat and motion come together to create an impossible dance. One of a series of short films made in Argentina, supported by Videodanza BA and an Arts Council International Fellowship.

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2008. Film 5 mins

A rhythmic document of a certain place, at a certain time. Directed by Becky Edmunds in collaboration with Gill Clarke. Sound design by Scott Smith.

2004. Documentary 12.30 mins

A man sits still and declares that he is dancing. Another performs a duet on a stage, but he may not be dancing - he may just be dragging himself through the formalities. A woman walks on a beach. She says she is definitely dancing, and so is the dog. What is dancing and how do you know when you've started?

'It's not dance unless someone says it's dance.' Steve Paxton.

Commissioned by South East Dance and funded by Arts Council England.

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