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The Listening: (audio work) The Keep and Unlocking our Sound Heritage. 2021

To Be Continued: Arts Council and Screen Archive South East. 2020

so heartbroken, so long: Brighton Oasis Project. 2017


Hawkers Pick Over Fruit Here: (with straybird) South East Dance and Arts Council. 2015.


Distant Wars: (with Fiona Wright) 2014.


Turn Your Fucking Head: Independent Dance and published by Routledge. 2013


Walker: (with straybird) Siobhan Davies Dance, 2012


What Matters: (with straybird). Arts Council England, 2012


Behind Doors: (with Fiona Wright) ACE funded, 2011


Seven Ways South: (with straybird) Siobhan Davies Dance, 2010


After Thinking About Pocahontas and Me: (with Fiona Wright), ACE funded, 2010


Skate: SHOOT Dance for Screen Festival, ACE funded, 2009


stand-in: SHOOT Dance for Screen Festival, ACE funded, 2009


Dance Conversations 1 and 2: Arts Council England, 2008


Living Architecture: Trinity Laban, 2008


This Place: (with Gill Clarke). PACT Zollverein, 2008


Stones and Bones: (with Gill Clarke) ACE funded, 2007


Light: Heat: Motion: Videodanza BA and ACE International Fellowship, 2006


El Fuego: Videodanza BA and ACE International Fellowship, 2006


On The Surface: Videodanza BA and ACE International Fellowship, 2006


Have You Started Dancing Yet? South East Dance, 2004


A Tacit Assembly: (with Charlie Morrissey) Brighton Festival. 2000


Future Human: (with Sarah Hardy) Arnolfini (Bristol) and Gardner Centre (Brighton). 1999


The Smallest Room: (with Charlie Morrissey) Brighton Festival. 1998


Flood: (with Charlie Morrissey) ACE funded. 1997


Pinstripe Kneedeep: (with Charlie Morrissey) 1996


Blue Funk:  Arts Council England funded 1996


A Series of Small Wounds: (with Charlie Morrissey) South East Dance. 1996


Suicide: (with Michael Mayhew) Third Eye Centre commission. 1994


The Dream Garden: (with Michael Mayhew) Arnolfini/Green Room commission 1992


The Divine Ecstasy of Destruction: (with Michael Mayhew) LIFT Festival commission. 1991


Going Down on Jesus: (with Michael Mayhew) New Moves Festival commission 1990


Sex Drink Fast Cars: (with Michael Mayhew) National Review of Live Art. 1989


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